precision casting foundry

precision casting foundry

BIMAC - Precision Investment and Ceramic Mold Casting

Our quality, durable precision castings deliver high-performance for the demands of oil and gas machinery. Learn More. Since 1959, Bimac has provided long-lasting, wear-resistant alloys for highly abrasive applications in the glass industry. Learn More. Bimacs quality precision castings help ensure the safe and efficient operation of your

Casting Manufacturer - Precision Performance Castings

In addition to dual sourcing, Precision Performance Castings also follows stringent quality control protocols to ensure absolute alignment with a projects specifications. Daily online checks throughout the casting process are supplemented by monthly foundry visits to ensure continuing compliance. Connecticut Precision CastingsConnecticut Precision Castings located in Claremont, NH has been producing zinc die cast components for over 30 years. A variety of Zamac zinc alloys are used to cast components in sizes from a fraction of an ounce up to 14 ounces in quantities from a hundred up to hundreds of thousands per year.

Connecticut Precision Castings

Connecticut Precision Castings located in Claremont, NH has been producing zinc die cast components for over 30 years. A variety of Zamac zinc alloys are used to cast components in sizes from a fraction of an ounce up to 14 ounces in quantities from a hundred up to hundreds of thousands per year. FS Precision Tech - ium Castings for Aerospace We supply precision ium and Zirconium investment castings for demanding Aerospace, Defense, and Chemical applications. With over 35 years of experience, FS Precision Tech castings are guaranteed to keep you running while they get you safely to where you are going.

Fenico Precision Castings Inc. Alloy Casting Foundry

FENICO Precision Castings, Inc. incorporated in 1988 , is located in Paramount, California. Although FENICO is a commercial investment-casting foundry our castings have been used aboard naval vessels and aircraft throughout the world. FENICO casts a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys supplying many industries such as pumps, valves High-Quality Investment Castings:Eagle Precision Cast PartsBased in Muskegon, Michigan, Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc. produces ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings. Our castings are manufactured to +/-.005 per inch through a process that has the capabilities of producing extremely thin sections, knife edges, and sharp detail.

Investment castings- Lebanon, PA- Pennsylvania - PPCP Inc

At Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts (PPCP), we manufacture top quality investment castings, but we offer so much more. We can meet your most specialized needs with the extensive range of alloys we use to cast parts up to 250 pounds. MK Precision Castings Quality Casting SolutionsMK Precision Castings (MKPC) was established in 1991, as Diayo Die-Casting Sdn Bhd; and in early 2016 we rebranded to be in-line with our group corporate Identity known as MK TRON group of companies. MKPC specialises in Aluminum precision casting foundryamp; Zinc High Pressure Die-Casting (HPDC), CNC Machining and surface coatings and small sub-assemblies producing both

Nova Precision Casting

Precision Cast Parts for demanding industries:The metal casting industry represents the sixth largest manufacturing sector of the United States economy. This footprint on the economy in general, and on your manufacturing operations in particular, cannot be ignored. One sector of the metal casting industry is Precision Investment Castings utilizing the lost wax process. Post Precision Castings - Tool precision casting foundryamp; Casting Machining Tool precision casting foundryamp; Casting Machining Services precision casting foundryamp; Investment Casting Services - Strausstown, Pennsylvania - Post Precision Castings Post Precision Castings provides low cost commercial investment castings. Call :610.488.1011info precision casting foundrypostprecisionInvestment Casting Services / Tool precision casting foundryamp; Casting Machining Services HomeWhy Choose Investment Castings?

Precision Investment Casting Investment Castings

Our precision lost wax casting method turns out high strength castings with greater dimensional accuracy, higher consistency, superior product integrity and improved surface finish. We frequently participate in up-front design with our customers to ensure manufacturability and the lowest cost design while maintaining critical machining tolerances. Precision Investment Casting Investment CastingsPRECISION, ON DEMAND. Since 1983, Barron Industries has been committed to providing the highest quality ferrous and non-ferrous metal investment castings and meeting our customers requirements for compressed delivery. Our rapid prototyping allows us to produce a completely machined metal casting in as little as ten days!

Precision casting CIREX Foundry

Precision casting Specialist in precision investment castings. The lost wax method is very suitable for producing precision castings with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy precision casting foundryamp; quality. In addition, it offers a large freedom in both design and material choice of your desired castings. SeaCast HomeSeaCast customers demand a wide variety of investment casting needs:broad alloy selection, quality certifications, fast delivery times and customer service. To meet these requirements, we operate three foundries and we have configured each to serve a specialized manufacturing purpose and market segment. We have ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev. D certifications.

Shimoga Precision Castings Pvt. Ltd.

Shimoga precisions casting pvt ltd was formed during the year 1995, registered under companies act, for the manufacture of castings under investment process. The company is a sister concern of m/s Malnad Alloy Castings pvt ltd. The company was floated to cater the Trushape Precision Castings Pvt. Ltd.Who We Are? Trushape Precision Castings Pvt. Ltd., established in the year 2000 in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat State of India, manufacturing Ferrous precision casting foundryamp; Non-Ferrous Investment Precision Castings by Lost Wax process has carved a niche for itself as the manufacturer of Quality Investment Castings.Trushape draws its name from a combination of two words: precision casting foundryquot;True precision casting foundryquot; and precision casting foundryquot;Shape precision casting foundryquot;.

Precision Investment Casting Avalon Precision Metalsmiths

Avalon Precision Metalsmiths is a full-service, turnkey investment casting company. With two fully-equipped metal casting foundries in Cleveland, Ohio and Markesan, Wis., we offer redundant manufacturing capabilities that enable us to produce top-quality precision casted parts for our customers in industry-leading turnaround times.

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